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Day: September 21, 2022

Simplifying a Shrinkage Report

Mike Cisneros cleans up a complex visual made up of less complex visuals:

There are opportunities to improve this visual, but I appreciate that the graph is appropriately titled, that the legend is clear and easy to find, and that the most recent data point is the only one that is labeled. On its own, it’s an acceptable view of the data, albeit one that could be strengthened.

When this visual is considered in its greater context, however, the need to improve the legibility of this graph becomes obvious.

These charts are generated at multiple levels of geographic and thematic detail. Each one is then shared as part of one large report, with almost no visual variation from region to region, level to level, or week to week:

There’s a lot going for that redesign.

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Conversion Precedence in SQL Server

Kenneth Fisher sorts out data types:

With the expectation that you would get back a decimal. Did you wonder why it converted the integers to decimals rather than the other way around? If not you probably should have. I’ll give you a hint. It’s not because it’s the first value in the equation, although that does make a difference.

Thought about it? In case you didn’t figure it out T-SQL (and again, I’m going to say all programing languages where implicit conversions are allowed) has a conversion precedence order. In other words in any calculation where an implicit conversion is required the datatype with a value higher on the list is converted to the datatype with the lower value on the list.

The parenthetical statement above is correct. This makes things really convenient until you have an implicit conversion you weren’t expecting. There’s an advantage to explicit-only languages, though those do involve more typing.

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E-Mailing Power BI Query Outputs as CSV Files

Gilbert Quevauvilliers finds a way:

I recently had a requirement from a customer where they wanted a list of all Customers and the Primary Contact to be emailed to them every day.

The reason for this to be emailed daily is to ensure that when calling the customer, they know whom to speak to.

This got me thinking and I could use Power Automate to achieve this task which I detail in this blog post below.

I appreciate the ingenuity involved in getting this to work, though this also presents a good case for having this data in a warehouse, where data export to CSV would be easier.

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Tracking Implicit Transactions with sp_whoisactive

Erik Darling is on the hunt:

But anyway, you should avoid implicit transactions as much as possible. They most often show up in the Microsoft JDBC driver queries that only people who hate you use.

When I first started to realize how bad they are, I wrote a bunch of checks into the Blitz scripts (I’ll cover those next week) that check for them.

I also opened an issue to add the check to sp_WhoIsActive, because it’s rather popular, I hear.

Click through to see how you can track them now. Also, Erik has been showcasing community procedures like sp_WhoIsActive, sp_PressureDetector, sp_QuickieStore, and sp_HumanEvents all month and he’s doing great work there.

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