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Day: September 16, 2022

Structuring an API Project in R

Jamie Owen begins a series on building APIs as R packages:

At Jumping Rivers we were recently tasked with taking a prototype application built in {shiny} to a public facing production environment for a public sector organisation. During the scoping exercise it was determined that a more appropriate solution to fit the requirements was to build the application with a {plumber} API providing the interface to the Bayesian network model and other application tools written in R.

When building applications in {shiny} we have for some time been using the “app as a package” approach which has been popularised by tools like {golem} and {leprechaun}, in large part due to the convenience that comes with leveraging the testing and dependency structure that our R developers are comfortable with in authoring packages, and the ease with which one can install and run an application in a new environment as a result. For this project we looked to take some of these ideas to a {plumber} application. This blog post discusses some of the thoughts and resultant structure that came as a result of that process.

Read on for the first post in the series, dealing with some of the prep work.

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SQL Server Practices for the CIO/CTO

Kevin Hill has some high-level advice for high-level people:

As a CIO or CTO, one of your primary responsibilities is to ensure that your organization’s data is managed effectively and efficiently. To do this, you need to have a strong understanding of SQL Server best practices. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the most important best practice areas for SQL Server management.

This is a high-level discussion with items that we will explore more in future posts

All of this is stuff that you’d want to do as a DBA but this is at a higher level to make it easier for an executive to understand the why behind it.

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Using a Service Principal Account for Power BI + Dedicated SQL Pool

Dan English provides a hookup:

In this post I will go over a topic that is frequently asked about and that is using a Service Principal account with Power BI when connecting to data sources. Currently today none of the built-in connectors support this capability natively, but the SQL Server ODBC driver does support the use of a Service Principal account. The one caveat with using an ODBC driver with Power BI is that a gateway would be required once the report is published to the service.

Read on for the step-by-step process.

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Updates to Intelligent Query Processing in SQL Server 2022

Derek Wilson and Kate Smith dive into IQP updates:

SQL Server 2022 introduces a handful of new members to the growing Intelligent Query Processing (IQP) family. These additions range from expanding and improving various query performance feedback mechanisms to adding two new features—parameter sensitive plans (PSPs) and optimized plan forcing. In this blog, we give a general overview of these additions, with detailed feature-specific blogs to follow.

Read on to see what they have in store.

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Pinging All Day in Powershell

Patrick Gruenauer wants to know if a service is up:

Recently, I have created a script that returns a beep sound when the connection is re-established. I would like to share this script here on my website.

Assume your network connectivity is broken. You wait until the connection is restored. In addition, you want to hear a sound when the connection is re-established. For this task, just use my script.

I’ve done some ping -t checks in my day, though never with a beep.

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Deleting Rows in Order

David Fowler understand the order of things:

This was an interesting question that I was asked yesterday and something that I’d never really thought of before. Can you delete the top x number of rows based on an ORDER BY?

Why would you want to do that? Well let’s just assume that we have a ‘people’ table and some strange bug in the application has cause the need to delete the top 10 oldest females for whatever reason (I know, it’s very contrived example and not the situation that my colleague was facing but it’ll do to illustrate the point).

Click through for one way which doesn’t work and two ways which do.

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