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Using SQL Server Vulnerability Assessments

Manvendra Sing takes a look at SQL Server’s vulnerability assessment tool:

I will explain how to use and perform security testing using SQL Server vulnerability assessment in this article. I have explained basic understanding about multiple layers of security that we configure to protect our SQL Server instances in my last article. I have also explained about security testing at each layer we should perform to understand how secure our systems are. I would request you to read this article, Understanding security testing for SQL Server environments to learn more about them.

Security is a very critical area for any database environment. Database security measures help an organization to protect its data to maintain its privacy and integrity. Security testing should be done regularly to ensure all security policies are properly configured to protect the systems.

SQL Server also offers various features using which we can perform security testing for our databases. One of such features is SQL Server vulnerability assessment. This feature scans the database for which you are running it and displays all weaknesses along with their probable solutions.

Read on to see how you can run a vulnerability assessment, the types of results you can get, and how you might detail with some common issues.