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Configuring a Debezium Connector for Event Hub Streaming

Niels Berglund continues a series:

This series came about as I in the post How to Use Kafka Client with Azure Event Hubs, somewhat foolishly said:

An interesting point here is that it is not only your Kafka applications that can publish to Event Hubs but any application that uses Kafka Client 1.0+, like Kafka Connect connectors!

I wrote the above without testing it myself, so when I was called out on it, I started researching (read “Googling”) to see if it was possible. The result of the “Googling” didn’t give a 100% answer, so I decided to try it out, and this series is the result.

In the first post, – as mentioned – we configured Kafka Connect to connect into Event Hubs. In this post, we look at configuring the Debezium connector.

Click through and enjoy the fruits of Berglund’s Folly—which, as far as it goes, I’d still rate Seward’s Folly higher but this one’s pretty good too.