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SSIS Framework File Community Edition

Andy Leonard has an announcement:

The very first data integration / data engineering framework I ever wrote was for Data Transformation Services, or DTS. The DTS framework had one job: manage connections. I don’t recall all the details, but I remember DTS included a task that allowed packages to retrieve settings from INI files. INI files are key-value files, so I simply added entries with identical keys and different values – values that matched connection strings for each lifecycle tier – and placed each version of the INI file in the same location on every server in the lifecycle.

The next framework I wrote was for SSIS. I stored metadata in tables – including connections metadata – and created a concept I called an SSIS Application. An SSIS application is, according to my definition, a “collection of SSIS packages that execute in a pre-determined order.”

The SSIS Framework File Community Edition is very similar to this first framework, except for the connections management.

Click through to learn more about the SSIS Framework File Community Edition and check it out.