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Discovering Pester Tags

Jeffrey Hicks has a two-parter on discovering Pester tags. Part one is Jeffrey’s take:

As I resolved at the end of last year, I am doing more with Pester in 2022. I’m getting a bit more comfortable with Pester 5 and as my tests grow in complexity I am embracing the use of tags. You can add tags to different Pester test elements. Then when you invoke a Pester test, you can filter and only run specific tests by their tag. As I was working, I realized it would be helpful to be able to identify all of the tags in a test script. After a bit of work, I came up with a PowerShell function.

Part two is a reader’s take:

Yesterday I shared some PowerShell code I wrote to discover tags in a Pester test. It works nicely and I have no reason to complain. But as usual, there is never simply one way to do something in PowerShell. I got a suggestion from @FrodeFlaten on Twitter on an approach using the new configuration object in Pester 5.2. I’ll readily admit that I am still getting up to speed on the latest version of Pester. That’s one of my goals for this year, so this was a great chance to learn something new.

Click through to see how both approaches work.