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Getting Started with KQL

Steve Jones starts learning about the Kusto Query Language:

I saw an episode of Data Exposed with my good friend, Hamish Watson. He talked about KQL (Kusto Query Language) being the next query language you need to learn. I was skeptical of the title, but I decided to give this a try.

In the episode, Hamish points out a cheat sheet from Microsoft, which I thought was a good resource. However, while watching the video, I browsed over to the demo site Microsoft has at You need an Azure account to log in, but this is a demo site where you can query some Log Analytics data. The new query window below is what appears when you go here:

If you’re already familiar with the way Splunk’s filtering language works, KQL follows from it. It’s a worthwhile language for Azure-based administrators to know, as it’s the most powerful way to get data out of Log Analytics.