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Cleaning SQL Express Databases

Kevin Hill knows the pain:

I was contacted by a lawyer that was using a 3rd party application to store emails, keep track of time, etc.

The backend of the application is SQL Server Express edition, which has a hard limit of 10GB for the data file.

One quick note for people with lots of LOB data, remember to reorganize with LOB_COMPACTION = ON as that’s the only way to be sure. Also, depending on how old the version of SQL Server is, there was a bug with LOB compaction which affected SQL Server 2014 and earlier. But, uh, hopefully you’re patched past that point…

Also, getting up to 2016 SP1 means that Express Edition gets data compression. It wouldn’t directly help in this case, but if you have a lot of non-LOB data on Express Edition, it can work wonders, for some definition of “wonders.” After all, if you’re using Express Edition, wonders are by definition pretty small.