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Data Exfiltration Protection and Pip

I have a post borne from frustration:

I have an Azure Synapse Analytics workspace which uses a managed virtual network and includes data exfiltration protection. I also have a Spark pool. My goal is to import a few packages and use them in a Spark notebook.

Doing so is pretty easy from the Synapse workspace. I navigate to the Manage hub and then choose Apache Spark pools from the Analytics pools menu. Select the ellipsis for my Spark pool and then choose Packages.

From there, because I plan to update Python packages, I can upload a requirements.txt file and have Pip do its job.

But then it doesn’t… Click through to learn why, as well as the workaround for this. It’s stuff like this which makes me say data exfiltration protection is a feature administrators will (mostly) like and developers will hate. Especially because there’s no obvious indicator why this was happening in the error message itself.