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DevOps for Databricks

Anna Wykes starts off with bad news:

In this blog series I explore a variety of options available for DevOps for Databricks. This blog will focus on working with the Databricks REST API & Python. Why you ask? Well, a large percentage of Databricks/Spark users are Python coders. In fact, in 2021 it was reported that 45% of Databricks users use Python as their language of choice. This is a stark contrast to 2013, in which 92 % of users were Scala coders:

What is wrong with the world today?

Semi-seriously, though, do read Anna’s post, as it covers a variety of things you can do with the Databricks REST API, including cluster management and monitoring. I might be jumping the gun a bit, but I am a big fan of Gerhard Brueckl’s Powershell module for Databricks for this kind of work.