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Copy Logins between SQL Server Instances

David Alcock wants to move a login:

Migrating SQL databases is fun, depending on your definition of fun that is. The process can involve having to move things such as login details that have been around for that long that nobody has a clue what they are anymore.

With domain accounts that’s pretty straightforward, the passwords are managed in Active Directory and not held in SQL Server and it’s just a case of recreating the account on the new instance.

SQL authentication is different and migrating an account as is means you also have to recreate the password as is which could be difficult if you didn’t know what the password should be. It’s worth saying at this point that the preference should always be to use domain accounts, they’re more secure and much more manageable and migrations are ideal opportunities to refactor things to be better but for the sake of this article let’s proceed with the scenario of recreating a SQL authentication login with an unknown password, and we’ll need to get creative.

And as you’d expect, dbatools makes a dramatic appearance.