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Contrasting Kafka with Azure Service Bus

Ritam Das explains the differences between Apache Kafka and Azure Service Bus:

 It is important to note that Azure Service Bus is a traditional message broker and tailored to somewhat different use cases when compared to Kafka. Simply transferring between these two technologies is not an easy feat and would require overhauling your entire application. The comparison stops at both technologies being message brokers as under the hood they are fundamentally different. 

At a high level, ASB has high processing overhead per message, stronger guarantees around delivery and processing, and typically a “process once” model. Kafka has low overhead processing per message, fewer guarantees around delivery and processing, and typically a “publish once, process multiple times” model. To provide an explicit comparison, it would be best to understand the intended use case and proceed from there. 

Read on to understand the best uses for each technology, as well as sample calls using Python.