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pyspark.pandas in Apache Spark 3.2

Hyukjin Kwon and Xinrong Meng announce a built-in pandas API for Apache Spark 3.2:

We’re thrilled to announce the pandas API as part of the upcoming Apache Spark™ 3.2 release. pandas is a powerful, flexible library and has grown rapidly to become one of the standard data science libraries. Now pandas users can leverage the pandas API on their existing Spark clusters.

A few years ago, we launched Koalas, an open source project that implements the pandas DataFrame API on top of Spark, which became widely adopted among data scientists. Recently, Koalas was officially merged into PySpark by SPIP: Support pandas API layer on PySpark as part of Project Zen (see also Project Zen: Making Data Science Easier in PySpark from Data + AI Summit 2021).

pandas users can now scale their workloads with one simple line change in the upcoming Spark 3.2 release:

Click through to see more details on the change.