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Deploying Azure Data Services via Terraform

Chris Adkin has started a series on deploying Azure Arc enabled Data Services. Part 1 serves as an introduction

:One of the most significant things to change the landscape for Azure data professionals will be general release of Azure Arc enabled Data Services. To provide an expedient means of experiencing all that Azure Arc has to offer, Microsoft has come up with Jumpstart – a collection of GitHub repos for deploying Arc in different scenarios. Last Christmas I had a few vacation days and took the opportunity to try out Jumpstart for Azure Arc enabled data services on AWS. AWS was my choice because it made a certain amount of sense to try out Azure Managed SQL Server instances and Postgres Hyperscale on a cloud that they are not natively available on. After all, the whole point of Azure Arc enabled Data Services is to bring Azure to you on your terms if for any reason you cannot use the Azure cloud. 

Part 2 gives us an introduction to Terraform:

Before diving into what the various Terraform modules do that make up the Arc-PX-VMware-Faststart repo, I’m going to provide an introduction to Terraform in this blog post. Terraform comes from Hashicorp, it is a tool that works on the principle of infrastructure-as-code. Resources are specified in what are called configuration files using Hashicorp Control Language in a declarative manner, i.e. you state what you want and to the best of its ability Terraform attempts to create those resources for you. ‘Providers’ are used to create resources for particular types of entity, for example you might use local file, helm (the Kubernetes package manager), Azure, VMware providers etc. etc. . . . Using providers requires plugins, most of which are provided by Hashicorp, but third parties can write their own plugins also.

Check out the first two posts in what promises to be an interesting series.


  1. Chris Adkin
    Chris Adkin2021-03-15

    Hi Kevin,

    Many thanks for picking this up, it is much appreciated, one minor comment though – the blog post series is focused on deploying Kubernetes / Azure Arc enabled Data Services and Big Data Clusters to virtual machine or bare metal infrastructure, with a Terraform module to create the virtualized infrastructure on VMware initially.


    • Kevin Feasel
      Kevin Feasel2021-03-15

      Thanks for the correction, Chris. I’ve surreptitiously updated the original post, but will keep that in mind as I enjoy the rest of the series.

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