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Day: March 2, 2021

Applied ML Prototypes

Alex Bleakley and Santiago Giraldo announce Applied ML Prototypes:

To directly address these challenges, we’ve released Applied ML Prototypes (AMPs) — a revolutionary new way of developing and shipping enterprise ML use cases — which provide complete ML projects that can be deployed with one click directly from Cloudera Machine Learning. AMPs enable data scientists to go from an idea to a fully working ML use case in a fraction of the time, with an end-to-end framework for building, deploying, and monitoring business-ready ML applications instantly. 

AMPs move the starting line for any ML project by enabling data scientists to start with a full end-to-end project developed for a similar use case, including a trained and deployed ML model, as well as prebuilt predictive business applications, out of the box. This means that ML development teams can tackle their own ML business use cases more quickly, from those involving churn modeling, to sentiment analysis, to anomaly detection and beyond.

Getting past the marketing fluff, there are some interesting ideas here.

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Installing Spark on Windows Subsystem for Linux

David Alcock wants Spark, but not Windows Spark:

The post won’t cover any instructions for installing Ubuntu and instead I’ll assume you’ve installed already and downloaded the tgz file from the Apache Spark download page (Step 3 in the above link).

Let’s go straight into the terminal window and get going! I’ve put the commands in bold text (don’t include the $) just so anyone can see a bit easier and who also prefers to ignore my jibberish! 

Click through for the instructions.

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Tracking Log Rolling in SQL Server

Andrea Allred wants to figure out how frequently logs roll over:

In January, the awesome Tim Radney (b|t) talked to the Utah user group about best practices. One that he mentioned was rolling over your error logs everyday and keeping 35 logs (a month plus 3 reboots). I loved this idea and implemented it using what I had done here and adding it to an agent job.

Then I realized we didn’t have any alerts on if our logs were rolling too much. Way back in my career, it used to be something that I would watch and it could mean someone was trying to hack your system and cover their tracks by rolling your logs over a bunch. I fought so much with figuring how to tell if my logs are rolling over, I had to save it for the future.

Click through for a T-SQL solution to the problem.

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Combining SendTo and Powershell

Mark Wilkinson shares a script with us:

If you are not familiar, SendTo options are those available when you right click on a file/folder in file explorer and select the Send To option in the menu. When you use this option, the currently selected files/folders are passed to the SendTo shortcut as a space delimited list of files and folders. This is important to know so you better understand what needs to be done to read that list.

I can confirm that this works well for deploying script out, especially when they need to go to multiple servers or multiple databases on servers. That functionality takes a bit more effort to write, but combine Mark’s code with Jess’s and you are well on your way.

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Azure Charts

This is an interesting site I just learned about this morning:

Project mission: Communicating Azure’s current state, structure and updates in a compact digestible way.

Concept: Cloud Charts Manifesto

Data sources: Public updates, RSS channels and web pages are used as primary data sources.

While developed by a Microsoft employee, Azure Charts is not a Microsoft service or product. This is a personal project, there are no implicit or explicit obligations related to it. If you want to receive updates about Azure Charts, feel free to follow or connect on LinkedIn.

It’s out of the norm for me to talk about a whole site like this, but I think it’s a really useful way of showing off these services in a non-confusing manner. It also gives some en passant insight on the relative interest in specific services based on industry.

If you do think this is interesting, please fill out a small form to make sure it stays public.

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Executing a Folder of SQL Scripts against SQL Server

Jess Pomfret has a quick Powershell snippet for us:

Another week and another useful dbatools snippet for you today.  Last week at work I was given a folder of 1,500 scripts – each containing a create table statement. Can you imagine having to open each file in Management Studio to be able to execute it? Thank goodness we have PowerShell and dbatools on our side.

Click through for the command, as well as Jess’s explanation of how it works.

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