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The Basics of Graph Theory

Ernest Martinez gives us a primer on graph theory, as well as a few interesting use cases:

We used a new option in the Oracle database called Spatial Data Option, which allowed us to do multi-dimensional queries based on geographic location and perform shortest path queries in SQL. To access the latitude and longitude of every zip code in the country, we purchased a list of zip code centroids from the US Post Office. We then joined the centroid zip with a store’s zip which gave us an approximate cartesian coordinate for the store.

The first customer to purchase this product was a national muffler company. We POC’d (proof of concept) it initially in the NYC area. The first problem we encountered was that the shortest distance between point A and point B wasn’t necessarily the right answer. For example, to a person living on the north shore of Long Island the nearest shop, as the crow flies, was in Connecticut, across the Long Island Sound. Unless they had a boat, this was definitely not their closest shop. Obviously we needed to introduce cost functions into our algorithms. A high cost across the sound resolved the issue.

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