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Handling Fuzzy Match Lookup Failures in Power BI

Imke Feldmann continues pulling on a thread:

In a previous article I have described how to use Fuzzy merge to match misspelled data to valid categories. With the sample data at hand, all values could be matched to existing categories. But what can you do if there are some entries that cannot be matched to existing categories?

I would create an “unmatched” value to the categories table before loading to the data model and assign the “unmatched”-value to all unmatched entries. Then I would create a measure that counts the entries within the unmatched category. I would then create a data driven alert, based on this measure. That would trigger an e-mail to the person responsible for maintaining the list. Or, if responsibilities are a bit more complex, trigger a flow in Power Automate that could handle certain conditions to be followed as well.

Click through to see it in action.