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Day: January 7, 2021

When to Use Event Sourcing

Vikas Hazrati takes us through the pros and cons of using event sourcing for a project:

You would always get a ton of literature on Event Sourcing and CQRS. The key question is WHEN do you use it? Under what circumstances? Is your problem really in need of ES?

I would not go into the details of what Event Sourcing and CQRS is. The industry stalwarts have covered that in adequate detail. This post delves into battle-tested scenarios on where we should have used and otherwise ignored ES.

Click through for an analysis of pros and cons, as well as some advice on what it all means.

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Configuring a Linked Server to Oracle

Emanuele Meazzo needs to pull data from Oracle into SQL Server:

The most atrocious part of my search for glory was without doubt navigating all the packages to download and install for each component, between broken links and differences between the instructions and the actual content, it’s a mess.

It took a while, based on Emanuele’s tone. With SQL Server 2019, you can avoid some of this pain by using PolyBase. But for prior versions of SQL Server, your options are more limited.

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Top N with Others in Power BI

Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari cover a pain point in Power BI:

The VisibleProducts variable contains a list of products for the selection currently displayed in the visual. In the example, we have the top 3 products for each Product Category included in our report. The ranking that is returned is only up to the value selected in the TopN parameter – for this reason, we can use the result of Ranking by Sales to filter the visual, including only the products ranked in the 1-to-TopN Value range. We use a filter in the Power BI filter pane to accomplish this task.

This is a common enough pattern that I do wish Power BI made it easy.

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