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Security Practices for Azure Databricks

Abhinav Garg and Anna Shrestinian walk us through good security practices when using Azure Databricks:

Azure Databricks is a Unified Data Analytics Platform that is a part of the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Built upon the foundations of Delta LakeMLflowKoalas and Apache SparkTM, Azure Databricks is a first party PaaS on Microsoft Azure cloud that provides one-click setup, native integrations with other Azure cloud services, interactive workspace, and enterprise-grade security to power Data & AI use cases for small to large global customers. The platform enables true collaboration between different data personas in any enterprise, like Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Business Analysts and SecOps / Cloud Engineering.

In this article, we will share a list of cloud security features and capabilities that an enterprise data team could utilize to bake their Azure Databricks environment as per their governance policy.

Much of this is fairly straightforward, but it is nice to have it all in one place.