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Displaying Cosmos DB Spatial Data with .NET Core

Hasan Savran builds up a quick .NET Core app to retrieve spatial data from Cosmos DB and display it:

Cosmos DB stores geospatial data in GeoJSON format. You can not tell what raw GeoJSON represents because usually all it has is a type and bunch of coordinates. Azure Cosmos DB does not have any UI to help you what GeoJSON data looks like on a map either. Only option you have is a third party tool which might display data on a map or Azure Cosmos DB Jupyter Notebooks.

    I want to run a query in Azure Cosmos DB and see the results on a map. I decided to create a simple UI which displays spatial data on a map. I will show you how to do this step by step. I will use LeafLetJs as a map. It is open source and free! Also, I need to create .NET Core 3.1 web application and use Azure Cosmos DB Emulator for data.

Hasan walks us through the demo and promises to put the code in GitHub later.