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Distributed XGBoost in Cloudera

Harshal Patil walk us through the XGBoost algorithm and shows how we can use it in Cloudera Machine Learning:

DASK is an open-source parallel computing framework – written natively in Python – that integrates well with popular Python packages such as Numpy, Pandas, and Scikit-Learn. Dask was initially released around 2014 and has since built significant following and support. 

DASK uses Python natively, distinguishing it from Spark, which is written in Java, and has the overhead of running JVMs and context switching between Python and Java. It is also much harder to debug Spark errors vs. looking at a Python stack trace that comes from DASK.

We will run Xgboost on DASK to train in parallel on CML. The source code for this blog can be found here.

Click through for the process.