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Migrating to Azure with SQL Server Management Studio

Magi Naumova walks us through some options for migrating on-prem instances to Azure, all of which are available in SQL Server Management Studio:

The cases of migrating our database in Azure become more and more every day. Azure SQL Database is the flagship SaaS service Microsoft Provides for hosting a relational database. But no matter it is the same engine there are still many features not supported or with limited functionalities in Azure SQL DB comparing to on premises SQL Server versions. For example, all cross-database references are possible in on premises SQL Server databases but is not supported in Azure SQL Database.

If we could check in advance and plan our migration based on those checks it would be time and effort saving. This is what Migrate to Azure new SSMS features are built for.

Click through for the options, some of which are simply informational and some of which actually do the work.