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Stateful Functions in Apache Flink

Stephan Ewen announces Stateful Functions 2.0:

Today, we are announcing the release of Stateful Functions (StateFun) 2.0 — the first release of Stateful Functions as part of the Apache Flink project. This release marks a big milestone: Stateful Functions 2.0 is not only an API update, but the first version of an event-driven database that is built on Apache Flink.

Stateful Functions 2.0 makes it possible to combine StateFun’s powerful approach to state and composition with the elasticity, rapid scaling/scale-to-zero and rolling upgrade capabilities of FaaS implementations like AWS Lambda and modern resource orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes.

With these features, Stateful Functions 2.0 addresses two of the most cited shortcomings of many FaaS setups today: consistent state and efficient messaging between functions.

Read on to see how it works.