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Reading JSON in .NET from a DataTable

Hasan Savran ran into an issue parsing JSON data from SQL Server via .NET:

FOR JSON lets you return the data in JSON format. As you might know, SQL Server can return and query JSON documents, but It doesn’t have a special data type for JSON documents. You must store data as string in SQL Server. You can make SQL Server work like a NoSQL Database. Your web application can retrieve data as JSON document and you can use dynamic objects to make things flexible.

     Let’s see an example first, In the following example, I retrieve data as JSON document and send it to directly to my front-end as string. JavaScript parses it and generates a grid from it. It’s very flexible because there is no schema. Front-End will display whatever SQL Server returns. You can change query and without changing any code in the middle, your grid will display the data.

There are limitations in how much JSON gets generated on the buffer at a time, so click through to see how you can rebuild the entire JSON output for a large file.