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Offset and Limit with Cosmos DB

Hasan Savran takes us through the OFFSET and LIMIT clauses in Cosmos DB:

OFFSET LIMIT clause one of the latest additions to the Azure Cosmos DB. Skip/Take function was a big request from users and Cosmos DB team listened users and deliver this functionality. If you think Cosmos DB is missing a feature and if you have a new idea, you can use Feedback Forums to give feedback to Cosmos Db team.

     OFFSET LIMIT clause let you skip x number of results then take y numbers of values from the query. Count for OFFSET and Limit are integer and both are required. In other words, You must use LIMIT if you use OFFSET.

A common use for this is paging. I’d be interested to see if this shares the issues that the SQL Server version has: you may only return back 20 rows, but you’re potentially scanning N + 20 each time.