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Mapping Usernames within the Power BI Gateway

Jeff Pries takes us through a difficult scenario:

With some data sources, such as Analysis Services, you want to pass the username of the person running the report back to the server executing the query (such as in a Row Level Security configuration). Adam Saxton of Guy in a Cube does a great job of explaining how this works at a high level in the video linked here.

In the video, Adam mentions that if our Power BI login does not match a UPN in our local Active Directory, then the lookup will fail…which is a problem if you just don’t have the option of having your Power BI login match a UPN in your local Active Directory and don’t want to manage static user mappings over time. The following will cover a method of allowing the lookup to use a different Active Directory property, such as “mail” to perform the matching.

Read on for the steps.