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Apache NiFi 1.5 Updates

Tim Spann shows off some nice additions to Apache NiFi:

Another cool processor that I will talk about in greater detail in future articles is the much-requested Spark Processor. The ExecuteSparkInteractive processor with its Livy Controller Service gives you a much better alternative to my hacky REST integration to calling Apache Spark batch and machine learning jobs.

There are a number of enhancements, new processors, and upgrades I’m excited about, but the main reason I am writing today is because of a new feature that allows for having an Agile SDLC with Apache NiFi. This is now enabled by Apache NiFi Registry. It’s as simple as a quick git clone or download and then, you’ll use Apache Maven to install Apache NiFi Registry and start it. This process will become even easier with future Ambari integration for a CLI-free install.

To integrate the Registry with Apache NiFi, you need to add a Registry Client. It’s very simple to add the default local one — see below.

There are several new features in the latest release.