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Oracle SQL Developer for Visual Studio Code

Brendan Tierney takes a look at a new extension for VS Code:

We now have a new/different tool for developers to access their Oracle Databases. Traditionally, developers have been using Oracle SQL Developer for maybe 20+ years (if you started using Project Raptor). SQL Developer has developed into a bit of a big beast of a tool, with it trying to be everything to everyone including developers, DBAs, and others. But it does seem like SQL Developer might be coming to an end of life, although that could be for some years to come as it is so wildly used. There have been many challenges with SQL Developer over the years and one of the main challenges is getting new developers to use it. From my experience, developers tell me they just didn’t like it, didn’t like the look and feel of it, it was difficult to use, etc., etc. The list would go on and on and most of those developers would prefer to use other tools (for example DBeaver). For those that are terminal/command line only person, you have SQL*Plus and the modern version called SQLCl (SQL Command Line).

Read on for a review of how the extension is today, with the promise of regular improvements from Oracle over time.

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