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All about Lakehouses in Microsoft Fabric

Tomaz Kastrun gives us the skinny with multiple posts in his Advent of Microsoft Fabric. Day 3 introduces the lakehouse:

Lakehouse is cost-effective and optimised storage, supporting all types of data and file formats, structured and unstructured data, and helps you govern the data, giving you better data governance. With optimised and concurrent reads and writes, it gives outstanding performance by also reducing data movement and minimising redundant copy operations. Furthermore, it gives you a user-friendly multitasking experience in UI with retaining your context, not losing your running operations and working on multiple things, without accidentally stopping others.

Day 4 covers Delta format:

Yesterday we looked into lakehouse and learned that Delta tables are the storing format. So, let’s explore what and how we can go around understanding and working with delta tables. But first we must understand delta lake.

Day 5 covers data ingest:

We have learned about delta lake and delta tables. But since we have uploaded the file directly, let’s explore, how we can also get the data into lakehouse.

Click through for all three posts.