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Producing Messages with librdkafka

Jakub Korab dives into a Kafka library:

In a previous blog post (How To Survive an Apache Kafka® Outage) I outlined the effects on applications during partial or total Kafka cluster outages and proposed some architectural strategies to handle these types of service interruptions. The applications most heavily impacted by this type of outage are external interfaces that receive data, do not control request flow, and possibly perform some form of business transaction with the outside world before producing to Kafka. These applications are most commonly found in finance and written in languages other than Java—mostly C and C++. 

librdkafka is the main underlying client library used in non-JVM environments and has wrapper libraries for Python, .Net, Go, and an ever-expanding list of clients. It has not been written about to the same extent as the Java client, and it is worth examining as its interface and underlying mechanics are fundamentally different. 

This library is quite useful and versatile.