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Oracle OCI Labeling with Bounding Boxes

Brendan Tierney continues a series on image classification:

In a previous post, I gave examples of how to label data using OCI Data Labeling. It was a simple approach to data labeling images for input to AI Vision. In that post, we just gave a label for the image to indicate if the image contained a Cat or a Dog. Yes, that’s a very simple approach, and we can build image classification models, and use the resulting model to predict a label for new images. These would be labeled as a Cat or a Dog with a degree of certainty. Although this simple approach can give OK-ish results, we typically want a more detailed model and predictions. For a more detailed approach, we can use Object Detection. For this, we need to prepare our data set in a slightly different way and Yes it does take a bit more time to prepare. Or perhaps it takes a lot more time to prepare the data. But this extra time in preparing the data should (in theory) give us a more accurate model.

This post will focus on creating a new labeled dataset using bounding boxes, and in a later post, we’ll examine the resulting model to see if it gives better or more accurate results.

Read on for the process.