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Conditional Formatting in Power BI with Field Parameters and Calculation Groups

Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari perform some formatting:

If you want to build a report where the user can choose what measure to show, you have two features available in Power BI: field parameters and calculation groups. There are pros and cons to either technique – however, we are not about to talk about those. We narrow our scenario down to a specific requirement: we want to change the color of the value depending on the measure selected.

For example, suppose we let users choose between Sales AmountMargin, or Total Cost. In that case, we might provide visual feedback about the measure selected through different colors: black for Sales Amount, green for Margin, and red for Total Cost.

Click through for that example, though I will say that the color choices are hard to differentiate if you have protanopia and even more difficult if you have deuteranopia, so about 2% of the male population would struggle with interpreting this measure. People with protanomaly and deuteranomaly (about 6% of men) wouldn’t have too much difficulty with this particular color pairing.