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Options for Running Jobs against Azure SQL DB

Anthony Norwood replaces on-prem SQL Agent jobs:

Both SQL Server on Azure VM and Azure SQL Managed Instance provide you with SQL Server Agent and therefore the capability to run scheduled tasks against your databases, so when we’re talking about being able to run jobs we’re only considering Azure SQL Database as needing guidance – some of the suggestions  in the following paragraphs can also apply to all these options of SQL Server, but perhaps not as necessary.

We’re going to provide you with four options for how you might be able to still run your favourite SQL Agent Jobs against an Azure SQL Database, each of which come with their own advantages and disadvantages – one not mentioned is Data Factory, sometimes referred to as SSIS in the cloud, and this is because we’re trying to focus on some options that may be more comfortable to people who have never built an SSIS package before.

Read on for the four options Anthony has for us.