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CI/CD for Synapse Serverless SQL Pool with SqlPackage and Azure DevOps

Rui Cunha has a tutorial for us:

Azure Synapse Analytics Serverless SQL is a query service mostly used over the data in your data lake, for data discovery, transformation, and exploration purposes. It is, therefore, normal to find in a Synapse Serverless SQL pool many objects referencing external locations,  using disparate external data sources, authentication mechanisms, file formats, etc. In the context of CICD,  where automated processes are responsible for propagating the database code across environments, one can take advantage of database oriented tools like SSDT and SqlPackage CLI , ensuring that this code is conformed with the targeted resources.

In this article I will demonstrate how you can take advantage of thee tools when implementing the CICD for the Azure Synapse Serverless SQL engine. We will leverage SQL projects in SSDT to define our objects and implement deploy-time variables (SQLCMD variables).  Through CICD pipelines, we will build the SQL project to a dacpac artifact, which enables us to deploy the database objects one or many times with automation.

Click through for the demonstration.

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