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Using the Azure Data Factory Self-Hosted Integration Runtime

Chen Hirsh hosts a runtime:

In Azure data factory (ADF), An integration runtime is a compute resource to run your pipelines on. When you run an application on your computer, it uses the computer resources, such as CPU and memory, to run its tasks. When you run activities in a pipeline in ADF, they also need resources to do their job, like copying data or writing a file, and these are provided by the integration runtime.

When you create an instance of ADF, you get a default integration runtime, hosted in the same region that you created ADF in. If you need, you can add your own integration runtimes, either on Azure, or you can download and install a self-hosted integration runtime (SHIR) on your own server.

Read on to understand when you would want to use a self-hosted integration runtime and the process to do so. This SHIR also applies to Synapse pipelines and is one of the few ways to move data out of a Synapse workspace with data exfiltration protection enabled.