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Parameterizing Jupyter Notebooks

John Mount shows off a feature:

I’d like to share a great new feature in the wvpy package (available at PyPi).

This package is useful in converting Jupiter notebooks to/from python, and also in rendering many parameterized notebooks. The idea is to make Jupyter notebook easier to use in production.

The latest feature is an extension of notebook parameterization. In addition to the init_code and output_suffix features, which allow adding arbitrary code to notebooks and saving multiple renders of the same notebook under different (non-coliding!) names. The new sheet_vars feature allows the insertion of arbitrary data into notebook renders (in addition to the earlier code insertion facility).

Click through for an example on how to use this. Several years ago, I would have considered this to be outstanding. Today, I think it’s cool, but I’ve also gravitated toward using notebooks as an intermediary step rather than a final product, so it’s less critical for me these days.