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Choosing a Load Balancing Option in Azure

Santosh Hari looks at the options:

Azure docs have a great page on the various load balancing options in Azure that even has an awesome flowchart summing up the choices. However, not being from a networking background, combined with Microsoft’s “special” naming, combined with some sort of memory issue recalling these names from memory meant that even if I had to rely on rote memory when in conversations with customers, I would often mix up the names. For instance, confuse traffic manager and load balancer. So, I decided to understand some of the basics behind cloud load balancers to help become a more interesting conversationalist in this topic: “well actually, you should be using an app gateway there, John”.

This often isn’t in the database administrator’s purview, but Santosh does a good job of explaining the concepts and, if you’re hosted in Azure, it is good to know what’s sitting in front of your database.