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Day: June 9, 2023

What’s New in Power BI: May 2023 Edition

Ronald Kraijesteijn talks about some of the more interesting updates:

In May 2023, Microsoft announced a series of updates and new features to its Power BI platform, aiming to improve user experience, accessibility, and performance. As a skilled blog writer, I will provide you with a comprehensive summary of these updates, covering all areas from reporting and modeling to embedded capabilities and accessibility improvements.

There’s a lot on this list to check out.

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The Basics of Azure Chaos Studio

Arun Sirpal gives us an overview:

Chaos engineering is fun but especially important when building solutions in the cloud. It is great leveraging the cloud to build something, whether that’s a globally distributed website with lots of traffic or an internal 3 tier application for a business – the question is – what happens is there is an unexpected fault / disruption? Can your system / app withstand the issue?

Click through for the overview, as well as some additional resources you can use to try it out.

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Roles and Domains in Microsoft Fabric

Marc Lelijveld explains two key concepts:

Microsoft Fabric is out there for a few weeks now. With the release of Fabric, a new concept in line with data-mesh architectures became available in Fabric, or Power BI if you will. With the introduction of Domains, we have a new level of controls added next to existing roles. In this blog I will further elaborate on the levels of control that are available today and provide a clear overview of these different levels.

There’s going to be a bit of nomenclature adjustment for people who have spent most of their time in Synapse or other platforms moving to Fabric. If you’ve already spent most of your time in Power BI, this shift is probably a little easier.

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Power BI: Unable to Access the Dataset

Nicky van Vroenhoven troubleshoots an error:

I opened a report with a Live connection to a dataset and I was presented with the error below:

We encountered an error while trying to connect.

Details: “Looks like we’re unable to access the dataset. Please contact the owner of the dataset.”

Read on for the answer to this. And if that doesn’t work, the next question is, do you actually have rights to the dataset?

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Identifying Expensive Queries via Query Store

Matthew McGiffen takes a look at what’s slowing down that SQL Server instance:

Some time ago I wrote a query store version of the “Top 20 queries” query that will produce a ranked list of your most expensive queries – and I’ve ended up using this a lot.

The only downside of using the DMVs for Query Store is that they are per database whereas dm_exec_query_stats is a view across the whole instance. So I had to use a cursor and a temp table, populating the temp table for each database in turn.

Click through for the script. This is where having a centralized Query Store, in which you regularly dump Query Store stats from various user databases into your own managed database, could be quite useful.

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Automating Azure SQL DB Maintenance Tasks

Tracy Boggiano reminds us that we still need to administer Azure SQL DB databases:

I’ve been using Azure SQL Database for quite some while and have set up it in many various ways to run Ola’s Index Optimize and Statistics Updates on them.  All of these have seemed way too complicated probably because I was setting them up once, not again for several more months or a year.  Well with my new job, I have over 20 subscriptions with various Azure SQL Servers in them so it was time to streamline at least knowing what I was doing.  No matter what I googled on the Internet I never did find one source that walked me step by step on each thing I needed to know to set this up.  So hopefully this will cover everything.

Click through for the step-by-step process.

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