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Side Channel Attacks on Dynamic Data Masking

Ben Johnston does some testing:

This is the third part of a series on SQL Server Dynamic Data Masking. The first part in the series was a brief introduction to dynamic data masking, completing solutions, and use cases. The second part covered setting up masking and some examples. This part starts exploring side channel attacks against dynamic data masking.

This article will show that are plenty of security concerns with using Dynamic Data Masking as a general-purpose security tool, but don’t let it completely keep you from using it. The point of the article is to show you the weakness of the tool, particularly for ad-hoc uses with users who might be keen to snoop around the data in ways you might not expect.

I’m not very big on Dynamic Data Masking at all, and this is a big part of why. That said, if your end users don’t have the ability to send arbitrary queries along (e.g., they can only execute stored procedures and none of those stored procedures let you send in arbitrary T-SQL), then it’s not that bad.