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Variable Sharing in Polyglot Notebooks

Matt Eland performs a few swaps:

While Polyglot Notebooks certainly brings the dream of notebook development to dotnet, Polyglot is at its finest when you work with one language and then hand off data to the next language for additional processing.

In this article we’ll talk about sharing variables between kernels using Polyglot Notebooks and VS Code. We’ll explore the syntax and tooling that exists around these functionalities as well as the current limitation of sharing variables between kernels.

For simplicity, I’m going to avoid getting into SQL and KQL kernels in this article, but I plan on delving further into each of these specialized kernels in future articles.

Click through for an example using the best .NET language, as well as C#. Do read the whole thing, especially if you think about passing around discriminated unions or method-reach objects.