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Day: May 3, 2023

Diffify Updates

Myles Mitchell celebrates a year of diffify:

We’ve just passed an important milestone for diffify: our app for tracking Python and R package releases has just turned 1 year old! To mark this exciting occasion we are delighted to announce an “anniversary update” featuring numerous quality of life improvements. This post will outline the latest changes and tease at some exciting developments in the works…

Check out these recent changes and a little bit of what’s on the horizon.

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PayPal’s Data Contract Template Open Sourced

Jean-Georges Perrin makes an announcement:

A data contract is a binding agreement between the consumers and producers of data. You can see it as a data schema on steroids or data schema++. The goal of the contract is to set expectations between the parties. It can be built as fit-for-purpose where the consumers and producer agree on what it should contain or can serve as a brochure for any consumer willing to access the data offered by this (data) product.

Click through to learn more about data contracts and then check out the contract template itself on PayPal’s GitHub repo.

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Documenting Group Policy Objects with Powershell

Patrick Gruenauer builds a report:

Active Directory Group Policies (GPO) enables you to control user and computer settings. It is important to document them. In this blog post I am going to show you two PowerShell commands which create a GPO HTML Report. Let’s dive in.

To store all GPO Settings from all GPOs in one file run this command. Don’t forget to provide your domain name and the path of the report file.

Click through for that code snippet, as well as another one which builds an HTML report for each GPO.

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Adding Help to Your Powershell Code

Robert Cain helps those who help themselves:

Having good help is vital to the construction of a module. It explains not only how to use a function, but the purpose of the module and even more.

Naturally I’ve included good help text in the ArcaneBooks module, but as I was going over the construction of the ArcaneBooks module I realized I’d not written about how to write help in PowerShell. So in this post and the next I’ll address this very topic.

Read on for Robert’s thoughts on the topic, including standard ways to add content comments so Powershell’s built-in Get-Help cmdlet works for you.

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Azure Synapse Analytics April 2023 Updates

Ryan Majidimehr has an update for us:

Low Shuffle Merge optimization for Delta tables is now available in Apache Spark 3.2 and 3.3 pools. You can now update a Delta table with advanced conditions using the Delta Lake MERGE command. It can update data from a source table, view, or DataFrame into a target table. The current algorithm of the MERGE command is not optimized for handling unmodified rows. With Low Shuffle Merge optimization, unmodified rows are excluded from expensive shuffling execution and written separately.

To learn more about this new command, read Low Shuffle Merge optimization on Delta tables

Looks like a bit of work on Data Explorer pools and a little bit on Spark pools and Synapse Link to Cosmos DB to round out the month.

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WaitTime in Power BI

Chris Webb explains what a new metric means:

What does WaitTime represent? Here’s the technical explanation: it’s the wait time on the query thread pool in the Analysis Services engine before the query starts to run. But what does this mean for you as someone trying to tune DAX queries in Power BI?

Chris provides an examplation of exactly that. This tracking of noisy neighbors is interesting, as it would provide insight if you’re noticing variance in dataset refresh times.

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