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An Introduction to ggflowchart

Nicola Rennie shows off a new package:

Flowcharts can be a useful way to visualise complex processes. However, I couldn’t find an easy way to create a flowchart in R. There are a few packages for either drawing basic components of flowcharts (like {grid}), packages that are great for visualising complex network data where order doesn’t really matter (like {ggnetwork} and {igraph}), but none of them gave me the control over customisation I was used to with {ggplot2}.

{ggflowchart} tries to fill that gap. The aim of {ggflowchart} is to help R users make simple, good-looking flowcharts, with as little code as possible. It computes a layout, then uses existing {ggplot2} functions to stitch together rectangles, text, and arrows.

It does remind me a bit of Mermaid, though quite early in the process. H/T R-Bloggers.