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Security Replication in Power BI

Marc Lelijveld and Vytautas Kraujalis lock things down, over and over and over:

Imagine, you have everything setup and well secured in your data lakehouse, or data warehouse if you will. Then a user starts consuming the data in Power BI and imports all data according to the security applied to that users’ permissions. Once the data is imported, all data can easily be shared to others who might have other permissions on the same dataset. Potentially, this leads to a breach of data to people who should not have accessed this data at all. Ideally, you replicate the security from the source into Power BI, but without setting up everything by hand.

In this blog post, you will learn how you can automate the replication of security from source to your Power BI data model in just a few steps. A blog post based on an actual client case and written by Vytautas Kraujalis and myself.

Click through for an explanation and a link to the GitHub repo containing all of the scripts.