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Row-Level Security in Power BI

Reza Rad continues a series on data security in Power BI with two posts. The first covers row-level security:

There are multiple levels in which you can secure the data in a Power BI Dataset. Row Level Security is about applying security on a data row level. For example, sales managers in the united states should only see data for the United States, not Europe. The sales Manager in Europe won’t be able to see sales in Australia or the United States. And someone from the board of directors can see everything. The reason was that Row Level Security wasn’t part of the Power BI model. Now in the new version of Power BI Desktop, the security configuration is part of the model and will be deployed with the model.

The second looks at dynamic row-level security:

The most important question is, why dynamic row-level security? To answer this question, you must consider the limitation of static row-level security. Static row-level security is simple to implement. However, if you have thousands of roles, then it would be a nightmare to maintain. For example, if you want to create a payroll Power BI report in a company with ten thousand users, you want every user to have his/her role. Dynamic row-level security is the answer for such scenarios.

Check out both posts for more info.