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Well-Architected Framework Cost Optimization

Brandon Wilson cuts costs:

Hi everyone! Brandon Wilson (Cloud Solution Architect/Engineer) here to follow up on the post I authored previously for the Well-Architected Cost Optimization Assessment offering, with another customer offering we have known as the Well-Architected Cost Optimization Implementation. This offering can be considered as a continuation/”part 2” of sorts for the Well-Architected Cost Optimization Assessment, where the goal is to help you implement some of the findings relating to Azure Reservations, Azure Savings Plans, Azure Hybrid Benefits, along with cleaning up some of that cloud waste sitting around.

Just as before (and in case you are a new reader), we’ll touch a little bit on the Azure Well-Architected Framework (WAF), along with the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), and then go over what is covered in the Well-Architected Cost Optimization Implementation offering itself.

Some of this is Microsoft-internal tooling, though the WAF assessments themselves are available to the general public and well worth going through.