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Hiding Power BI Pages Is Not for Security

Marc Lelijveld points out that, just because the kitten covered its eyes and can’t see you don’t mean that you can’t see it:

Most of us probably know, but every now and then, I still run into cases where hiding pages in a Power BI report is used for security purposes. Although hiding pages might seem like a security feature, it is not intended to be used as one since it can be easily bypassed. Users can find hidden pages by simple URL tweaking or right-clicking on the tabs. The article provides an example of how users can use the Reports-Get Pages API to get all report pages and report sections without having to write a single line of code. The default page when publishing a report is the one that is open, even if it is hidden.

Yeah, hiding pages is really more of a convenience thing, especially if you’re making heavy use of drillthrough and other cross-page functionality.