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Point-in-Time Restoration with pg_basebackup

Matt Pearson and Luke Davies restore a PostgreSQL database:

I had a conversation with another DBA about interview questions, and one interview topic that came up was using pg_basebackup to restore a database. I had a horrible realisation that I had not done a restore using pg_basebackup in PostgreSQL 15. With modern backup tools, using pg_basebackup is like using a manual screwdriver instead of an electrically-powered screwdriver; it gets the job done, but much more effort is involved.

However, sometimes pg_basebackup is the only tool available.

So, in this blog, we’ll look at PostgreSQL’s recovery options and their implications for restoring. We’ll also look at a simple restore using pg_basebackup when a user fails. I’ll be using a PG 15 database for these tests.

Click through for the process and a demonstration.