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Change Data Capture and the Cosmos DB Analytical Store

Mark Kromer and Revin Chalil show off an interesting preview feature:

Making it super-easy to create efficient and fast ETL processing the cloud, Azure Data Factory has invested heavily in change data capture features. Today, we are super-excited to announce that Azure Cosmos DB analytics store now supports Change Data Capture (CDC), for Azure Cosmos DB API for NoSQL, and Azure Cosmos DB API for Mongo DB in public preview!

This capability, available in public preview, allows you to efficiently consume a continuous and (inserted, updated, and deleted) data from the analytical store. CDC is seamlessly integrated with Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Data Factory, a scalable no-code experience for high data volume. As CDC is based on the analytical store, it does not consume provisioned RUs, does not affect the performance of your transactional workloads, provides lower latency, and has lower TCO.

Click through to see how it works.