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ANSI SQL and Trailing Spaces

Chris Johnson finds a language quirk:

Recently I found a quirk of T-SQL, where a group by statement was treating strings as the same if the only difference was one or more trailing spaces. So, ‘aa’ would be grouped with ‘aa ‘. I did some digging, and this is what I found.

Yeah, this isn’t just Microsoft’s T-SQL variant—it’s a standard part of SQL, as Chris notes later in the post.

My “just-so” story is that this might have been implemented to deal with CHAR(x) comparisons, such as CHAR(2) to CHAR(3). There’s no way to make that comparison unless you treat trailing spaces as irrelevant. Because we almost always use VARCHAR(x) or NVARCHAR(x), it isn’t something top of mind to most database practitioners, but there is a method to the madness.