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Analyzing SQL Server Table Metadata

Barney Lawrence looks at details about a table:

For a while I’ve been building up a script that uses SQL Servers INFORMACTION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS table to create a query that applies aggregates to each column in a table and then formats the results to allow an at a glance summary of the shape of the data inside of it.

I showed some of the techniques used to build this in a session regarding metadata and data warehousing which I co-presented with Emma Dolling and Ruth Pearson at SQLBits. The one comment that I heard the most after this session was “I want that script”. I did promise to make it available more than a few times and so I’ve put together a github repository to hold it and other resources we built for the session.

Barney anticipated the most likely change I’d make while reviewing the script: APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT() if you’re on SQL Server 2022 and dealing with a large table.